RAPU - extruded fodder

Composition - rapeseed cake, fodder beans.

Rapeseed cake provide food with both - protein and fat, while beans are the source of protein and starch. Mixing these two ingredients, rational use of amino acids obtained, as rapeseed has a high proportion of methionine, beans have a high content of lysine, which is well used in a single dose. Starch in beans is used more slowly than starch in grains, which allow reduce grain quantity, thereby create healthier environment in rumen, reduce acidosis risk.

In extrude process under the influence of ongoing transformations, the value of product increases, which have high impact to food edibility, digestibility and animal productivity.  

Expiry date: 12 month after manufacture date.

Ingredients RAPU
Lysine 1.79g / 100g
Methionine 0.44g / 100g
Calcium (Ca) 0.29 %
Phosphorus (P) 0.91 %
Ferrum (Fe) 107.8 %
Crude proteins 32.8 %
Crude fats 7.2 %
Humidity 9.1 %
Fiber 11.2 %
NEL 7.01 Mj/kg
NDF 22.6 %
ADF 20.01 %
Satrch 22.65 %
Price: 10.53