STEP Power

STEP Power is cleaning agent who is suitable for very dirty floor (especially stone and clinker) daily cleaning. It can be used also for walls and hard furniture surfaces cleaning. Especially effective to clean electrically attached dust dirt, for example, soot. Leaves particularly clean and shiny surface. Low foaming, suitable for combination floor cleaning machines. Does not contain fragrance and dyes.

Usage: 1 - 4 ml/1l water,  depending on the severity of the dirt. Prepare a solution with 1 ml (1/4 teaspoon)/1l cold water for cleaning less dirty surfaces and 4 ml ( 1 teaspoon)/1l cold water for cleaning very dirty surfaces. Surfaces do not need to be rinsed.  Suitable also for surface washing with dosage 10 ml (2 teaspoons)/1l cold water, to  create a fresher impression on the wax or nonwax floor.

STEP Power has eco-label license EE/020/00001.
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