Liquid vitamin-mineral energy supplementary feed for dairy cows containing high calcium, magnesium and zinc chelated form quantity and liquid of live yeast metabolites


- Complements calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc shortage in cow's body just before calving and after;
- Prevents shock after calving and milk stroke;
- It provides with energy and stimulates the energy metabolism;
- Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus provide muscle contractility, thus facilitating childbirth, placental discharging and uterine shrinkage;
  - Improves reproductive indicators;
- Liquid live yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolites stimulates rumen microflora, improves appetite and digestion.

Ingredients Vit-Cal
Calcium (Ca) 65 g
Phosphorus (P) 3 g
Sodium (Na) 10 g
Magnum (Mg) 10 g
Crude proteins 0,3%
Crude fats 0 %
Fiber 0 %
Ash < 10 %
Price: 4.84