About us

KGM Ltd was founded and operates on European market since 1992 and at this stage we can confidently describe our company as a stable organization with a wide product range and favorable pricing. Currently we work with over than 30 suppliers from all over the world – Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia), Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Poland and also China, India, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries of EU and Asia. 

Our range of products include:

  • Raw materials for animal feed production: soybean meal, rapeseed cake & rapeseed meal, sunflower meal, beetroot pulp, animal and poultry meat meals (MBM, animal bone meal, animal meat meal, pork meat meal, feather meal, poultry fats etc.), feed additives, such as lysine, threonine, methionine, vitamins etc., dephluorinated phosphate and other products.
  • Agriculture film, twines and nets: silage stretch film, tunnel wrap, greenhouse film, twines and bale nets, microbiological preservatives for hay etc.
    Products for cattle: milk replacers, vitamin and mineral additives, premixes, salt, as well as specialized products for cattle and BIO products for biological farms.
  • Products for pigs and piglets: pig concentrates, pre-starters, premixes, as well as special products for pigs etc.
  • Products for poultry: vitamin and mineral concentrates, premixes and other specialized products for poultry.
  • Cleaning and disinfection products: detergents and disinfectants for farms, equipment and animals, somatic cell tests, milk filters and napkins etc.
  • Seeds: feed herb mixtures and decorative mixtures.
  • Poisons against rats and insects: rodenticides, insecticides etc. 

All our suppliers are reliable partners that have been working with KGM Ltd for several years, providing our clients with the best quality products. Products that we offer are meeting all requirements and are certified. 

We are always glad to meet new business partners for beneficial long-term cooperation and trust in the successful outcome of our enterprises.

KGM Ltd products

We are providing the following services:

"Vecozoli" - warehouses and industrial buildings with a total area of over 14280 m2, situated in Zakumuizha, in Ropazhi area, 20km from Riga.

Warehouses and industrial buildings

  • Total area of structures - 14280 m2
  • Rent area - 500 - 1020 m2.
  • Area of land, per structure- from 3200 m2
  • Ceiling height - 4,8 m
  • Floors - concrete, load-carry capacity 7,5 t/m2
  • Electrical supply up to 250 kW/building


  • Rooms for the office in every building.
  • Phone
  • High-speed internet.

On the territory:

  • Gas
  • Water drain
  • Electricity
  • High-speed internet
  • Asphalted roads and access roads
  • Territory lights
  • Fence

For more information please visit our website: www.skladi.lv.